The ED Shot is a non-surgical solution to natural sexual enhancement

Clinically proven for nearly a decade

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The ED Shot

1 in 10 men has some form of Erectile Dysfunction


The Erectile Dysfunction shot is a non-surgical solution to natural sexual enhancement clinically proven for nearly a decade, with thousands of patients worldwide achieving enhanced sexual benefits. This procedure utilizes growth factors extracted from a sample of your own blood, stimulating new tissue growth within the penis. This process uses PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, a nutrient and growth factor rich portion of your own blood, making it safe and natural.

This ED shot helps to improve the circulation of blood to the penis by regenerating new vessel growth. Men who have undergone this procedure are able to obtain an erection with decreased or no use of ED medications, have noticed an increased penis girth and size of approximately 10-15%, have longer-lasting erections and better orgasms. The effectiveness of the ED Shot is also dependent on men having optimal testosterone levels.

It is a non-surgical procedure that only takes minutes.

Expected benefits

  • Harder erections
  • More spontaneous erections
  • More sustainable erections
  • Enhanced sensation
  • Better orgasms
  • Increased length and girth
  • Better orgasms
  • Increased length and girth
  • Improved sexual performance

A numbing cream is applied to the treatment area

Your blood sample is placed in a special centrifuge to spin and separate the platelet rich plasma.

Your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected, with a small needle, into the penis. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

A Penis Pump is given to you to use twice daily for 6 weeks.

The cost of the procedure is R 5300.00 per session.

Generally 3 sessions are required but some men have reported excellent results after only 1 session. The number of sessions depend on the individual.


What our clients say

Dear Dr. Mark,

As you are aware, I first heard you speak about the medical assistance you provide on the radio program Classic FM. I was intrigued and decided to contact you.

At my first consultation with you, you put me quite at ease and explained the treatment that you would provide for my diminishing libido and erectile dysfunction. As you’re aware, I am 76 years old. I have now consulted with you on ten to twelve occasions and received a painless injection at each visit. These have restored much of my libido and with the taking of tablets prescribed by you now, these allow me to participate in wonderful sexual activity with confidence and super enjoyment.

I can recommend your medical skills to all those interested as your skills have resulted in me enjoying improved mental abilities, I find working and exercise easier, I now feel that I have a new lease on life and am more able to appreciate life’s beauty and attractiveness.



I am eternally grateful and forever thankful to have met Dr Mark.

I have been battling numerous diagnosed disorders, including crippling anxiety, Bipolar depressive mood disorder, and chronic fatigue.

Along with all this, it was discovered through bloods that i had low testosterone levels which contributed largely to how i felt. I immediately felt a sense of hope.In an ironic sort of way, i was happy that there was something wrong. This could explain the way i had felt for many many years.

It has been nothing short of a miracle how my life has taken a full 180 degree turnaround. I have seen myself grow more confident, optimistic and charged up to face the world and chase my dreams. Life is no longer a dreadful lethargic experience. Everyday is now full of hope, motivation and a new vigour to live life to its fullest.

I cannot thank Dr Mark enough for his consistent zest, dedication and all round expert approach in solving a lot of my problems. I began to see results within 4-5 weeks of treatment and it keeps getting gradually better with each week.

An Extremely Happy Patient of Dr Mark. 5/5 Stars *****

Duma M

About 3 months into 2017 I started feeling really tired my mood was low. No matter how hard I trained I never lost weight or seemed to make any gains. Lack of libido also started becoming an issue. I tried all the over the counter meds and nothing seemed to help.

After some research I contacted Dr Mark and we started treatment , the results have been amazing. My energy levels are back I am losing weight , gaining muscle and my libido is back. My mood has stabilized and I am more driven than ever.

If you are over 40 and feel like I did don’t waste your time or your money on over the counter promises , go and see Dr Mark and get your life back.


Hi Dr Mark,

For quite some time I have been on a roller coaster of energy and general motivation and unfortunately along with that comes the low libido, lack of enthusiasm and a general feeling of pretty much being drained most of the time. I undertook a lot of research and realised the problem could be my testosterone levels considering I am a 46 year old male and that there would be a substantial reduction in my levels as we age. I was rather disappointed to have this brushed aside when bringing this topic up with a few other doctors, to be told that this is perfectly normal. I then came across The-T-Clinic and made the appointment to see Dr Mark about my woes.

I knew I was in good hands when Dr Mark went through my medical history in detail, requested that I do a comprehensive blood test covering every angle. The results were nothing short of astounding and my testosterone levels came back as almost non-existent. Along with the low test he highlighted a few other areas which I needed to address which will also prevent a whole range of issues from occurring in the future. This has really been an eye opener and a refreshingly holistic approach to general well-being.

Whilst it is still early days, with me only being in my second week of treatment, there is already a marked improvement. From being low of energy and motivation two weeks ago, I feel revived and energised and enthused about my projects and work again. The libido, my long lost friend has made a dramatic reappearance and this is wonderful for my relationship, as they say, happy wife happy life.

Thank you Dr Mark, I’m looking forward to continue working with you through this process.

Best regards


Hi Dr. Mark,

Firstly, thanks again for all your kind assistance and guidance. I am now 6 weeks into my treatment, and so far I feel much, much better. I am able to deal with my stress much better, and my get-up-and-go that got-up-and-went has come back to me. I feel way more zen, and my friends & family have even commented that I look and seem like a new man.

Thanks for all your help!

Kind Regards


Hi Dr M

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me.

To make a very long story short… I started feeling ‘sick’ and ‘old’ in the beginning of 2017. I went to see several Doctors and Homeopaths and everyone wanted to put me on antidepressants… Knowing this was not the main problem I resisted taking medication. I then came across your details by accident and decided to arrange an appointment.

Needless to say, I have my life back. It has taken 3 months from the start of your treatment until I felt 100% but you really took care and walked me through the entire process. After everything I’ve been through especially with normal GP’s, I must say you have restored my faith knowing there are still doctors out there who knows what they are doing and who actually care.

I feel the treatment you offer should be standard practice for men over the age of 40.

Thank you again.


Hi Dr Mark

About a year ago, I started feeling tired, I was constantly fighting fatigue and low energy levels. My sex drive took a dive and I had regular sleep disturbances. I also developed a general negative attitude about things that would normally not get to me. It was frustrating, especially since I’ve always thought of myself as an optimistic in-shape guy. I kept up a healthy exercise routine and diet, but would just feel down and low on vitality.

I started reading up about these issues and came across the concept of low testosterone levels and Dr Mark’s T-Clinic. I decided to schedule an appointment. I explained my situation to Dr. Mark (I also asked a lot of questions, which he answered compassionately) – he recommended that I get the appropriate blood tests.

I met Dr Mark again after my blood test results came back – it indicated that my free testosterone levels were in fact low.

I have been going to the T-Clinic now for 12 weeks and feel great! Several weeks into the therapy I could tell a real difference as I was experiencing better rest, better attitude, I was more focused at work and had greater energy and sex drive. My quality of life and vitality is back, thanks to Dr Mark.


I am a 63 years old male, and considered in good health, regular exercise, with a positive view of life. I have my prostrate tested yearly and tested low on my testosterone.

We tried the very expensive 3 monthly injections, and saw improvement and used it for some time. I then used the creams and a so called testosterone diet, still with strength training. Soon after this I started feeling low in energy till crises time, where I had no energy, lost interest in training all together, and stopped training. My mood got to the same exhausted level, and I knew I needed attention and fast.

I then started doing research, and came across Dr Mark Opperman (he wants to be called Mark, no Dr, and down to earth, descent and caring person, and really wants to help getting you better), By now I started getting desperate. We did the blood tests, and started treatment there and then and then weekly thereafter. Mark guaranteed me success, but I was not convinced, because I was feeling bad, to say the least. My progress in the first two weeks was slow, (and cutting out the creams made it worse). Week 3, I started feeling better overall, more energy, better outlook on life, and started training very slowly again)

I just had my fourth injection, and feeling that I am back to where I was sometime ago, and I know going forward it will improve even more.

Thanks Mark for getting me going again, but looking forward to feeling better as you promised.


I’m getting into my late 20s and Dr. Mark has truly changed my life over the last 6 months that I’ve been seeing him ever since finding out that my testosterone levels were on the low side in the middle of 2018, and starting testosterone replacement treatment (TRT).

After taking my first shot I didn’t feel much of a difference but over the weeks that followed I felt more in control of my emotions in terms of mood when it came to depression. Also it has made it easier for my body to show results when hitting the gym, and also having more energy overall because of it. Like with anything TRT won’t solve your underlying issues, but compared to most solutions I’ve tried its easier for your to change bad habits and become a better man.

I would highly recommend going through to the T-Clinic to see Dr. Mark to see if can help you the way it’s helped me.


The TRT treatment worked really well for me. I had been tired and slightly depressed. I felt I was battling to concentrate at work. The first two weeks I didn’t notice much but suddenly in the third week I noticed a change.

This is what I experienced More positive mindset More energy More focused Increase in libido Slight weight loss Increased firmness in muscles Quicker recovery from exercise. The only negative was some slight acne on my back and the inconvenience of weekly shots.

I would definitely recommend it to any guy over 45 who is feeling a bit flat.



Hi Doc

This has been one of my most pleasant experiences that I have encountered while visiting your clinic.

My story is quite simple. Over the last six months I started to feel tired, no energy and plain down drained after a days work. I researched the internet looking for reasons for my tiredness and one thing stood out was the lack of testosterone in my body. I again searched the internet for a solution and found the T Clinic. I made an appointment and there I was at the T Clinic.

The staff were extremely friendly and and on meeting Dr Mark Operman, made you feel at ease. I was asked by Dr Mark as he is famously known, to me he is simply Doc, When last did I have a full medical? My answer, never. So I had a full medical, went back to Doc and what I found out hit me deep. I was diabetic with a reading of 11. I could not believe it but accepted it, this was after chatting to Doc and the confidence that he instilled in me that all is not lost and it can be controlled. I took my first testosterone shot that very day. To cut a long story short, after six injections together with treatment for my diabetes, I am extremly happy to say that I have more energy, I exercise regularly, I have changed my eating habits, my sugar levels vary between 6,2 and 7, this all with the help of Doc. Within the last 2 months I have drastically changed my lifestyle and all this is thanks to Dr Mark.

Heads up to you Doc and I do hope that people take heed of you advice. They will definitely see a difference.



Dear Dr. Opperman,

I would like to provide you with some feedback and progress since you have started assisting me with my problems.

I have found found that my emotional mood has stabilized a lot. I am not as emotional as I use to be a couple of weeks ago. The additional tummy injection you provided me with seems to have a fair effect to make me feel human, male and aware of desires which I have not felt for a while.

I am excited with some of the changes thus far, after years of no doctor, specialist or any other person not being able to help me and hope that you will help me to reach my goal to have a normal functioning sexual system.

Thank you for actually wanting to help me as its bad enough to have a personal issue like this with a doctor that could not be bothered how many times one gets laid or not. lol But you seem to understand that this is far more complex than just wanting to perform sexually and seem to make an effort to understand, evaluate and treat and monitor my problem as a whole very well. Thank you for this.

Kind regards


Before I started treatment I felt exhausted every time, overwhelmed by lack of confidence in my abilities. All that has changed in just 2 weeks.

My life has changed for better. Thanks to Dr. Mark Opperman.

Kind regards


I had just turned 40 and realised that life was starting to slip away from me.What happened to the notion that life begins at 40,I wondered?Overweight and tired,I joined a gym hoping for some sort of salvation.I could not understand that after 3 months of training relatively hard I was not making any progress.I watched the youngsters at gym changing their physique’s in front of my eyes with much disappointment in myself.

Not giving up on myself yet, I did some serious introspection and investigation to rule out a couple things.Low T was first on my list to cross off as a candidate.I approached the T-clinic as my first resort.Behold,I discovered I had low testosterone levels and the clinical symptoms were spot on.

Too my surprise I also discovered my insulin levels were sky high and was preventing me from burning fat. I am now almost 3 months in with my testosterone replacement therapy and damn,I FEEL GOOD.

I laughed at first when Dr Mark said he could make me feel like I am 21 again.I feel like I am actually 18 years old at this point. My energy levels are up.I am the ‘ultimate sportsman’ in the bedroom.My lean muscle mass has increased.

My insulin has steadily come down and with that my fat levels are taking a dive.My strength at gym isconcentration in the cockpit has increased and my research for my thesis for my Bcom degree in aviation business management is looking good due to the new gained razor sharp mental focus.

Gratitude is my primary emotion and I cannot thank Dr Mark Opperman and the team at the T- Clinic enough for taking a holistic view regarding my hormone levels. Balancing all my hormones is my goal at the moment.Maybe life does begin at 40.



This is the third week into my treatment and all I can say is “WOW”, feeling this good should be a crime. Energy and enthusiasm levels are through the roof and I can’t help but ask myself why did it take me so long to get to grips with this?



Thanks to the treatment recommended by The-T-Clinic, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Dr Opperman genuinely cares about his patients and pointed me in the right direction. The treatment has improved nearly every aspect of my health. Both body & mind. I recommend all men around the age of 30 or older to go get their blood-work done. It will change your life.

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