Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy)

These drips are made up of Vitamins, Minerals,and Antioxidants suspended in fluid delivered directly into the bloodstream, this allows your body to absorb the vitamins and minerals faster and more effectively.




Nano & Mega Drip Benefits include: Boosting the Immune System Skin Vitality Booster Detoxification Energising Metabolic Support
A cocktail of all the B Vitamins, Magnesium and moderate to high doses of Vitamin C, this Multivitamin Protection drip acts as an immediate boost for those feeling run down and are in need of a boost.
The Hangover Cocktail is a 1000ml nutrient drip that re-hydrates a system that’s severely strained and often dehydrated. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to help the liver detoxify and replenish its stores and support the immune system. The B Vitamins provide liver support to calm the liver inflammation and restore the detoxification pathways.
The benefits of the Hydration Boost include: Boosting the Immune System Pre-hydration Detoxification Energising Metabolic Support
Over the years, it has been noticed that supplementing with glutathione has strong detoxification and support function in the body. Glutathione is best used in situations where detoxification in patients is a problem, and they need strong antioxidant support.
This drip is a hydration booster due to its large amount of fluid that contains electrolytes and some glucose. It’s very helpful in restoring energy levels and supporting your immune system.
It contains B Vitamins, Magnesium and moderate to high doses of Vitamin C. This drip combines all these essential ingredients that act as an immediate boost on energy levels in people whose energy depletion is linked to underlying vitamin deficiencies. This supplement is suited to those feeling run down and are in need of extra boosting.
The Females-On-The-Move drip contains a significant boost for your system, encouraging the sense that you’re not only surviving but thriving!
Jet lag can cause daytime fatigue, an unwell feeling, difficulty staying alert and gastrointestinal problems. It’s temporary, but it can significantly reduce your vacation or business travel comfort. For those feeling run down from travelling, if you get ill often, or are in need of extra boosting, it may be a good supplement for you to consider.
A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head that can vary in intensity.