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– What Is –


E-Stim is a treatment protocol using non-invasive bioelectric signaling intended to improve blood flow to the penis and rejuvenate penile tissue in men who have erectile dysfunction or who simply want to improve their sexual performance. It is intended to be painless, harmless and does not require medication or surgery.

The goal of Electro Stimulation is to end the dependence on the dependence on using pills and injections to achieve an erection and to affect a recovery of erectile function equivalent to what you, as a man had, in your younger years.

The procedure is completely non-invasive and has no known side effects. It is intended to provide long lasting results of up to 2 to 3 years without reliance on medication.

Electro Stimulation therapy consists of precise bioelectric signals delivered to the penile area or nerves feeding the penis that control various protein expressions for stem cell homing, stem cell proliferation, stem cell differentiation, blood vessel forming and blood circulation improving, muscle function repair and DNA repair.

Electro Stimulation is particularly powerful when combined with one of the other treatments such as the ED Shot or Testosterone Optimization Therapy.


  • Harder Erections
  • More Spontaneous Erections
  • More Sustainable Erections
  • Enhanced Sensation
  • Better Orgasms
  • Increased Length and Girth
  • Improved Sexual Performance

Additional Benefits

It is designed and intended to address multiple causes of Erectile Dysfunction such as poor blood flow, muscle degeneration, nerve damage and neuro hormonal dysfunction.

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