Why does skin appear older?

Part of the aging process is a reduction of the collagen content in our skin.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that provides structure and support and helps maintain our skin’s shape. A healthy amount of collagen ensures a youthful looking complexion. But as collagen is lost due to aging, our skin’s inner structure is weakened and the skin becomes thinner.1,2 Eventually, the loss of collagen can lead to saggy and loose skin and a decrease in skin quality.

What can we do about the signs of aging?

If you are worried that your skin may be losing collagen, there are treatments that can restore firmer skin and give you back your youthful

A collagen biostimulator works with your body to activate your skin’s own collagen production. Collagen biostimulators are injectable treatments that gradually restore the skin’s structure and improve the appearance of
wrinkles.4-7 In other words, these treatments are not about injecting collagen.
Instead they stimulate your body to produce it.

The treatment program

A collagen biostimulator renews skin quality gradually by improving elasticity, firmness and fullness.6-13 Like all things natural, this will take time and won’t produce instant results, but it will be worth the wait. A typical treatment program consists of three sessions over the course of a few months.

Find out what a collagen biostimulator can do for you

The images below are an example of what a collagen biostimulator can do for your skin. Please get in touch if you would like more information or arrange a consultation.