Testosterone Treatment for Women

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Testosterone treatment
for women

“Many women will experience low libido at some time in their lives.  It is normal for desire to fluctuate due to changes in hormone levels, medication, health, lifestyle changes and what’s happening in your relationship and in your life.”

A woman’s testosterone levels naturally change throughout her life and if she has low testosterone she may not be able to produce new blood cells, maintain sex drive, or boost levels of other reproductive hormones.

Loss or reduction of libido results in:

  • reduced desire to have sex
  • sexual experiences that are no longer satisfying or pleasurable
  • testosterone has an effect on the higher function of the brain.

The latest consensus study that was published shows that women who used testosterone experienced significantly increased sexual function and had satisfying sex more often than their counterparts who didn’t get this therapy.

- mood
- irritability
- concentration
- weight gain
- muscle weakness
- loss of bone density
- sluggishness
- fatigue
- sleep disturbances

The only way to determine whether your testosterone levels are low, which will make you a candidate for testosterone treatment, is to have comprehensive blood tests.

Make an appointment to see Testosterone Replacement Therapy doctor, Mark Opperman who has the expertise and experience to properly evaluate whether low hormones are the cause of your symptoms and suffering.

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