The –T- Clinic Weight and Body management program a Medically assisted weight loss program

The aim of The-T- Clinic Weight and Body management program is to create a symphony of all bodily functions by setting SMART goals with the understanding that you will adhere to and comply with the treatment plan.


  • S – Smart: We recognise that all humans have individual needs and challenges e.g. Male & Female, Body composition, Hormone imbalances, compromised Micro-biome and Co-morbidities etc.. This is the reason we have a Gut coach as part of our team to assist with nutrition. We feed the body instead of starving it.
  • M – Measurable: We understand that a participant wants to see and feel results. That is why we will monitor your progress utilising a document that will be completed on a monthly basis. Biochemistry follow ups will be conducted on a 3 monthly basis to address medical issues identified during the initial consultations.
  • A – Achievable: The Weight Loss Symphony is a bespoke program designed to keep the participants’ goals in mind and we will do our utmost to adapt the program in such a way as to make it achievable within realistic expectations as per participant.
  • R-Relevant: All treatments will be relevant to your personal requirements e.g. supplements, Rx Meds, IV Therapy and we take into consideration your available funds.
  • T –Timebound: Timeline expectations will be discussed with you and advice will be given on realistic outcomes.


  • In order to lose weight, the cause of weight gain needs to be identified, and a diagnosis must be reached
  • At The-T-Clinic, we will conduct a full medical and lifestyle assessment in consultation with Dr Mark and RN Elize. You will also be required to consult with Stacey, our Gut Coach
  • Then we will send you for comprehensive/ specific blood tests, to establish if there are systemic reasons for your weight gain.
  • As soon as the results are available, a second consultation will be conducted to discuss possible reasons for weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight

A bespoke weight loss treatment plan will be suggested for you, taking the following components into consideration:

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet/Nutrition
  • Supplementation
  • Prescription medication.