The biggest effect of testosterone supplementation therapy, is on higher function and the brain

- Dr Mark Opperman

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About Us

The-T-Clinic is run by medical doctor and aesthetics specialist

Dr Mark Opperman, and currently has branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Umhlanga.

He has extensive experience in his field gained from working both in the United States and South Africa over the past 20 years.

Dr Opperman has found that more and more men have consulted him in order to feel and look better. By correcting the hormone imbalances in these men there was enhanced mental, and overall well-being.

“I started The-T-Clinic with the specific aim to treat hormone imbalances that start to develop as we get older. I started seeing younger & younger men coming to my practice with symptoms of low testosterone most probably due to our lifestyle and the stress that we are under. Once I started balancing hormone levels and supplementing their testosterone levels we started seeing a phenomenal increase in their productivity, increase in their concentration and performance. They were feeling healthier and all the patients reported that their libidos and sexual functions had improved.”

– Dr Mark Opperman

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